About us

eHipp medical services have partnered with Bank of Cyprus for the implementation of the Physical and Mental Health pillars of the Bank’s Well at Work programme.

This website is exclusively available to Bank of Cyprus employees. All services provided and any information collected by eHipp (either through this website, by phone or face to face) will be on a confidential basis, with Bank of Cyprus not having any access to any personal or medical information.

eHipp will be offering a range of services to Bank of Cyprus employees, namely:

  1. Annual Wellness Checkups
  2. Seminars on mental and physical health
  3. Employee Assistance Line
  4. Guardian Angel mobile health application (coming soon)

Some of these services will be offered through “Apostolos Loukas” Medical Centre (with which eHipp has entered into a partnership for this purpose).

At eHipp, as healthcare professionals, we adjust our approach to clients’ specific needs and circumstances. In each instance we ask ourselves, “What is the best thing that we can do for our client?” This question serves as the guiding principle of all our interactions and reflects our person-centered orientation.

Our Services

Wellness Check-up

eHipp offers onsite comprehensive heath assessments including on-site physician supported by a nurse at the organization’s location, etc


Our professional and personal development seminar series is designed to make individuals on all levels of organizational hierarchy become more aware of themselves, others, as well as of interpersonal dynamics and organizational processes.

Employee Assistance Line

Our Personal Health Coaching Helpline provides support for mental and physical health needs and, wherever indicated, offer guide to approach the right health specialist.

Our team